United Kingdom and Northern Ireland


Mr Emmanuel Akhabue - President


Ekpoma Okpa Association was founded in August 2007 by some indegenes of Ekpoma resident in the United Kingdom and Norther Ireland. We were prompted by the need to set up an association that will evolve over a period in assisting all indegenes in these countries and beyond.

Promotion of commaradeship and a sense of unity amongst us was a leading factor in our makeup. We also want to extend, towards our brothers and sisters at home, a sense of sharing which is one of our proud heritage. The richness of our culture, language and people were considered. But, our driving force is aptly stated in Sai Baba's (Indian spiritualist master) words:

The hands that help are holier than lips that pray'

Ekpoma is a town in Edo State, in the South-South of Nigeria. It is one of te five largest towns in Esanland. Ekpoma is the headquarters of Esan West Local Government Area. It has a local govenrment council which is head by a Chairman (equivalent of mayor) , who is elected to a term of three or four years.




Ekpoma was a rural town until 1980 when the coming of electrictity, paved streets, running water and a university opened it up. Today. the Ambrose Alli University is the town's major industry and most things in the town revolve round it.

The Esan people generally trace their origin to Benin. The Onogie of Ekpoma, like other Esan kings recognise the Oba of Benin as head and pay homage to him since the olden days when traditional systems were the order and the Oba of Benin ruled the world as it was known. Those days were referred to by the esan people as "agbon'ba" that is the age of the Oba. Now, we live in what is called "agbon'nebo", the white man's age.

If you are visiting our site with a view to becoming a member, we will be delighted to hear from you. If you are a non-indegene of Ekpoma, willing to share your experience with us, please contact us.

Emmanuel Akhabue
President - 2007