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imageNotting Dale Technology Centre (NDTC) was established in 1979 as an educational charity to provide training and job opportunities in Information Technology for young people, the long term unemployed, migrants and the local business community. The Centre offers customised training courses for local employers and their staff. Employers or self employed people can gain access to a variety of training materials and hands-on experience using up-to-date software packages and equipments.

Video Production's Course Outline

Notting Dale Technology Centre is proposing that this course will be for 13 weeks, 14 hours a week.

Week 1

The first week will be taken up with introductions and students will be inside the classroom with Wayne Harrison and Sacha Bowling (Preparing for Employment in the Moving Image Production Industry). This is very important to Notting Dale Technology Centre as we believe that employment is the key to success.  

Week 2

Week two will cover: (Understanding Applications Of The Moving Image Technology). This will consist of lectures on the film industry and its different categories i.e. Video Formats, Criteria Used When Selecting A Video Camera, Lights, Sound and Health & Safety.

Week 3-5

This will be preparation time before students pitch or (present) their Screenplay to the class which must include the following:

1 Scripts
2 Storyboard's
3 Shooting Boards
4 Location Survey (Recce)
5 Movement Order
6 Actors
7 Props
8 Weather Forecast
9 Budget for Equipment
10 Call Sheet
11 Permission's
12 Schedule for the day's filming

Students will also identify potential technical problems when Using A Video Camera in a Studio or on Location.  They will learn how to make appropriate transport preparations and get permission for filming at different locations.

Week 6

The class will be split into two groups, and this will be the opportunity for each student to pitch their screenplay to the group that will be choosing the final project to be made. Once the two projects are chosen, both groups will go out together on a Technical Group Recce, looking at the chosen locations for the two selected screenplays and working out any problems that might happen on the day's of filming.

Week 7

They will cover (Unit 03 - Use A Video Camera) which will consist of learning how to use a Semi-Professional digital camcorder to a very high level.

Week 8-9

By this time the film Projects are ready to begin.  The class will work as two separate teams, filming on location and supervised by Sacha Bowling and Wayne Harrison. When students are out on location, each student will direct a few scenes which they will then edit in post production, later back in the classroom. Students will take part in activities such as acting, camera operator, lighting, setting up dolly and track or CamCrane, Working with props, art department, wardrobe department, and make-up department.

Week 10-12

Students will be in the classroom learning how to work with Final Cut Pro 5.0, with a clear demonstration of the interface and its capabilities. In this period students will learn editing skills and techniques which are applicable to Final Cut Pro 5.0 as well as Avid and Media 100. Students will be taught advance techniques that will enhance their skills, confidence and knowledge in Post-Production. Each student will Capture and Edit the footage from the scenes that they have directed, but will have the option to edit the complete movie.

Week 12-13

The last two weeks will be for the students to complete their Portfolio, Candidate Information Pack and polish up on any edits that are required on their movie.  On the last day the NDTC Video Awards will be presented by Anthony Hoskyns (former CEO), Hoss Malek (former Managing Director), Wayne Harrison (former Senior Tutor) and Sacha Bowling (former Tutor) to the best students.